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We’ve seen it once too often: rookies rushing to collect free bonuses and become instant millionaires. People multitasking while playing online poker games. Experienced poker partner disregarding differences in online poker. No pain, no gain, say you? We beg to differ. It would seem reasonable at least to learn some online poker terminology before filing for a virtual bankruptcy.

What is – poker? One name for many a card game, yet they all have one thing in common: players have five hand cards. The very basic poker games have one winning rule only: collect the best hand cards of all poker partners, the number of which may vary from two to seven. In reserved games, poker partners play against each others. In casinos, poker partners play against either other players or the casino. As for the more complicated card games falling into the category of ‘poker’, the rules may vary greatly.

Poker Terminology

In order to rule out all possible misunderstandings, we will hereby present the most common poker terminology, in alphabetic order.

All-in: betting all the money on the table.
American Airlines: a pair of Aces.
Ante: a small bet that must be placed before a hand has been dealt.
Babies: non-aces required for the lowest hand (2,3,4,5).
Back to back: two of the same cards in a row.
Bad beat: a hand considered unbeatable that but gets defeated by a better one.
Barn (Full Barn or Full Boat): Full House.
Bet: putting money into the pot.
Bet for value: betting on a hand expected to win in the long run.
Bicycle (also called a ‘wheel’): the best low hand, aces included.
Broadway: aces high.
Call: a call to match the previous bet.
Dead man: two pairs of aces and eights each.
Draw: replacing a number of hand cards with new ones.
Flush: poker hand with one suit five cards.
Lid: the top deck card.
Live card: the one that hasn’t been revealed.
Nut: the best hand possible.
Rainbow: a group of cards in different suits.
Rush: a winning streak.
Showdown: the end of the hand when the players reveal the hands. The best one gets the pot.
Stack: money the player has put on the table.
Steal: winning by bluffing.
Uphill: chasing a better hand.
Wild card: a joker.

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These terms should be sufficient to set you on your way of winning, all misunderstandings excluded. We have assumed that you are familiar with basic poker terms. If not, please read other articles from our archive. In any case, keep in mind the most important online poker rule: most of the players multitask. Should you dedicate your undivided attention to your poker partners, you’re all set.

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