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Poker History at Poker Partner

Welcome again to Poker Partner! Argue as we may, everyone agrees: poker has a ‘mysterious’ past. We just love that word – ‘mysterious’. It makes us feel like ancient sages attempting a sacred ritual, while, in fact, all we do is count money.

Notwithstanding the choice of adjective, poker history does make for an interesting tale. To be on the good side of the ‘mysterious’ game roots, we should begin our saga by saying that the true origins of poker are unknown. It’s not surprising, given the history of literacy, but still we can determine one thing: poker resembles the game called ‘Nas’, played by Persians of old, which might have been brought to – where else but New Orleans?

First steps

Now let us follow another lead. As you may or may not know, many a poker scholar have speculated that the game was introduced to China around 900 A.D. It didn’t resemble the game we know today at all. In fact, picturesque dominoes were originally used. With the invention of cards, this curious Chinese pastime grew to become the so-called “domino cards” game, which was officially introduced by the emperor Mu Tsung around 970 A.D. What became of this projected predecessor we don’t know for sure, but what we do know is that much, much later, some European card games came into light in this respect. Out of these, the two resembled poker games of today: German ‘Pochspiel’ and French ‘Pogue’. It is known for a fact that Pogue was being played in the XV-century France.

The history of Pogue

Now, the history of Pogue we can trace with some certainty. With the arrival of French colonialists (XVII century), the game indeed reached the coast of Canada, whence it spread further to the US: to New Orleans, as you might have guessed. From that point up to the Civil War, Pogue rules are believed to have been pretty much the same as they had ever been. Of those we know but one: that the deck consisted of 52 cards, just like the ones used in poker games today.

During the Civil War, Pogue was perfected and eventually came to become poker we know today. The very term ‘poker’ was introduced by one named Jonathan H. Green – a XIX century prisoner who played cards with his poker partners to pass the time in jail. Having been released in 1834, Green travelled to the Mississippi River bringing poker with him. From that point on, the game evolved further, eventually becoming a whole group of card games rather than just one.

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Today, poker games enjoy tremendous popularity, the most played one being Texas hold ’em. Not unexpectedly, with the Internet era boom, more people get to play poker in this new, enticing form. Knowing that we are only a click away from winning big, why not give it a try? That very logic has brought online games poker, in the end, to the limelight. Every single person with¬†internet access qualifies as a potential poker pro. Poker partners sprout from every corner of the world, online casinos blossom, and everyone gets richer.

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