Poker Partner: Bonus Types – No Deposit Bonuses

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Free Deposit Bonuses

Free deposit bonuses are, without a doubt, the greatest benefit of online poker rooms. It is quite unexpected, therefore, to learn that not many poker players know how to differentiate between different bonus types. Additionally, online poker partner rooms presume that every new player is familiar with them. We will hereby explain the most popular poker type: the no deposit game.

Most deposit poker partner bonuses imply free money the player gets when signing up and when the bonus is reloaded (which happens on a regular basis). Poker¬† players may invest real or virtual money for starters, and no deposit bonus is REAL money. The greatest benefit here is that the poker partner isn’t required to make any investment beforehand (hence the name “no deposit bonus”). The common practice is bestowing a $5 bonus to every new signee, which is automatically added to the poker partner’s account. This money may be invested or withdrawn, and accumulates if the poker player invests it and wins the game.

The second poker bonus type is the so-called deposit bonus. To get this money, the poker player does need to make an initial investment. To top it off, certain restrictions are in place in regards of the withdrawal policy. I.e., the poker partner just might be allowed to withdraw only $100 after making a deposit. Casino caps are what you need to be on the lookout for, and they are explained in the terms and conditions of the each and every respective online poker partner room. Make sure to read them, as to know what to expect.

Free Bonuses

Why free bonuses are bestowed in the first place never fails to puzzle new poker players. We’d say psychology is the key here, as ever with free money. Marketing is a powerful weapon, but since you will get free money anyway, the background motive doesn’t really matter. For one thing is certain: you will benefit from free bonuses however you look at it. Additionally, many an inexperienced poker partner will think twice before investing money online, mainly because they are afraid of security breaches. Allow us to set your mind at ease: there are none! The IT has progressed so much that nowadays every online poker partner room guarantees security to the player!

Poker sites at Poker Partner

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